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TSA Airport Security Body Scanners

November 15, 2010
Homeland security fighting terror getting to third base.

Hope n' Change Cartoons: Don't Just Scan There, Do Something!


Not only have the terrorists won, they’re howling with laughter. Thanks to their devotion to Allah, everyone who flies is now treated like a criminal and subjected to unspeakable humiliation by mindless bureaucrat robots.

Praise Allah, indeed!

And how is a citizen treated who refuses to have their naked body photographed from many angles, or even better, have their most private areas groped by a government employee… often numerous times, just to fly?

One citizen finds out as he rejects the idea that “sexual assault” is an acceptable condition to be able to fly on a plane. He is an inspiration to stand up to the latest increment of totalitarianism thats been thrust on us. Read his story here:

TSA encounter at SAN

It is very eye opening and he wisely recorded audio of his defiant act. How the TSA responds to his defiance is how the government treats citizens with criminal suspicion and no regard for personal dignity. This is a glimpse into life under big government that progressives are so keen to inflict on us all; in every aspect of our lives.


As if the treatment of average passengers as enemies of the state weren’t reward enough for Allah’s children, there is now a movement to exempt muslims from these security screenings for, you guessed it, religious reasons:

CAIR Pushes To Exempt Muslims From Airport Body Scans AND Pat Downs

Yes, the folks whose more devout brethren are the origin of  this humiliation, seek exemption. This of course, only deepens the degree of political correctness charades we’re all forced to play under the banner of “progressive” ideology. I wonder if it’s possible to die from irony poisoning? Some seem bent on finding out.


I wonder what would happen if more people refused to submit to this comical farce disguised as “security”?

If you’d like to find out, click here:

Opt Out of the Airport Scanners for Health and Privacy – We Won’t Fly


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