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NPR Takes Millions From George Soros Fires Juan Williams

October 22, 2010

Fired NPR

So, NPR at last, takes off it’s (unconvincing) mask of objectivity and unbiased reporting.

I’ve listened to NPR since the mid 1980’s, and still do. Maybe I’m just more aware of it, or they have completely abandoned hiding their agenda driven “journalism” in the last few years.

And now, with the acceptance of millions from the vile, manipulative George Soros, and the affirming move to fire Juan Williams, the pretense of “objective reporting” has finally dropped away. Just in time for local affiliate fund raising. (And I thought the poor saps begging for pledges sounded desperate already…)

NPR takes coercively awarded taxpayer funds (your money, and mine) to advance a leftist ideology. They also, contrary to their brand promise, air commercials in exchange for generous donations from corporations, like Microsoft, McDonalds and more well known names. This is in addition to tax dollars and guilting poor saps into pledging even more, for radio stations to pay the exorbitant fees NPR chrages their affiliates.

The time has come for NPR to stand on its own, without my money funding them. Let the marketplace decide whether they succeed or fail. Imagine their outcry if Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck received funding from taxpayers?

Juan Williams is one of many prominent professionals on Fox News, who represents the left view of issues, who reinforce their “Fair and Balanced” brand promise. Who can find his conservative equivalent on MSNBC, or other mainstream media outlets?

Juan is a smart guy, great on air, and an undeniable professional. Having said that, I disagree with %99 of his views, which is fine with me. Judging by the outrage over his firing by my fellow conservatives, who also disagree with him, it’s fine with them, to, to have an opposing viewpoint. This cannot be said of the lock-step leftist media. To them, unity truly is the eradicaton of dissent, Williams to them, is just another thought criminal.



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