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Van Jones Warns Of Tea Party Tyranny

September 30, 2010

Know them by what they accuse you of doing.

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Vile commie truther Van Jones, the communist animal who was once B.O.’s “Green Jobs” czar, says this of the citizens who feel that government should be leaner, smaller and more efficient and how they will impact the November 2010 elections:

…this election is feeling more fear-based, and, uh, what we got to realize is, that is… support us, because if you think things are bad now, just wait until these people screaming at these TEA Party events are in charge of your government, actually in charge of your life, actually in charge of your kids’ future, that is… maybe you’ve got some hope-fatigue, but you’ve got plenty of reason to be fearful enough (laughs)- to stay involved, to get involved.

I don’t think you want the TEA Party running your community, running your family, running your government.

The ideology of conservative thought is the reduction of control and power that government has over your life, your future, your kids future, your family and your community.

Individual liberty means that YOU are in charge of these things; not yet another tax bloated bureaucratic agency.

This accusation reveals the mentaility behind Big Government “progressivism”.

They want to be the ones in control of all the things Van Jones warned against. In other words, “don’t let them teabaggers be in charge of all those things, let us be in charge of all those things”.

The idea of government not having those controls is unimaginable to them, and they feel if it isn’t them, then it’s the right wing controlling every aspect of your life!

The Tea party is composed of average American citizens, of all party affiliations, of all ethnic backgrounds (to those who are counting…) and are an abstract representation of We The People.

So, in a way, Van Jones is right, We The People should be in charge of our own families, future, communities, property and most importantly, our government.

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