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B.O. Stinks

September 10, 2010

Who would have ever thought that the Carter administration could be looked back on with fondness?

Yes, this administration is that historical… and more.

Here is a political illustration I made, expressing my regard for the community organizer in chief:

B.O. Barack Obama Stinks

Feel free to use on your blog.

Feel free to use on your blog.

Fewer and fewer are able to pretend they can’t smell that smell… Fans of the classic rock band The Who might recognise the inspiration for this composition.

The swell folks over at Moonbattery were kind enough to feature it on a post.
Once you visit that site, you’ll be hooked, a personal favorite of mine.

Caution, shameless capitalist pig alert!

Gosh, if only this illustration was on a T-Shirt or other swag for me to annoy smug liberals with!

Well by God, you’re in luck!

Smell the Hope and Change of Obama!

Smell the Hope and Change of Obama!

“But what about bumper and window stickers?” you ask?

Not a problem, I have that covered:

Obama stinks bumper sticker

Bumper stickers!

Obama stinks window sticker

Window stickers!

If those don’t get a liberal’s ponytail knotted up, then I guess I’ll just have to try harder. And you know I will.

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