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Submission is NOT coexistence.

March 6, 2010

Coexist bumper sticker

My latest design, which I feel is a more accurate rendering of the design so popular on stickers one sees stuck to Priuses, Volvos and other assorted hippy-mobiles around town. Feel free to use the image above on your own blogs. Click the image for t-shirts, stickers and other swag, with the design printed on them.

Islam means “Submit” and cannot tolerate any religion to exist independently.  The “People of the book” (Jews, Christians” must also submit to Islam, in the form of dhimmitude, and pay the “jizya” (Think mafia protection money, which protects you from harm, by them) and then there will supposedly be “peace”.

The command for all to submit to Islam comes directly from Allah. He demands this be a muslim world. Period. No man is above the law of Allah, all human made laws are secondary.

Given those facts, perhaps we will look at those ridiculously smug “Coexistence” designs  and see them as the politically correct charades they are.

Those who do not submit to Islam are infidels. Allah demands that ALL his creation covert, submit or die. Infidels remain ignorant at our own peril.

Know Islam, by it’s very own words.

T-Shirts, caps, mugs & mousepads Bumper and window stickers
Will you submit, infidel?The Religion of Pieces
Will blow you away.
Else, it would not be a problem.Coexist?
Not everyone wants to play nice.
Coexist? Sticker (Bumper 50 pk)

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