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Your property is also your freedom

December 30, 2009

Ownership is important, to ensure the personal freedom of not only every American citizen, but anyone living in any country. There are some who feel that the state must provide food, housing, healthcare even clothing and television.

When the state provides these things, it means taking what I work hard for and earn and redistributing it to those who feel entitled to a standard of living by virtue of living here in the states and often, the color of their skin, and embracing class envy. (Those evil, mean “rich” people owe me!)

The already want to tell you what to do with your pesonal property. Why should you spend your money on “frivolous indulgences” when you should be forced to buy health insurance?

For a glimpse of what life is like where the state already provides these things, feel free to commit a felony and serve time in prison. Food, clothing, shelter, entertainment, recreation, medical care all provided, at the cost of your freedom.

The cult of academia exalts “degrees” of liberal indoctrination over over talent and ability, it’s how the talentless and in-able license themselves to give credibility to wildly ridiculous ideas. Like all those “isms” we know and love.

Academia is the new Nobility. PhD’s, Masters degrees, etc, are the new Baronies and Dukedoms….

Communism must be great, just look at all the highly educated running around praising it’s merits, while people who barely graduated High School actually work and produce value (and taxes) are the rubes, so who cares what they say?

Simple elitism.

They feel that average people cannot be trusted to direct a government (Ahem… “We the people”, anyone?) since they’ll likely feel the need  to avoid letting the gubment spend their money for them, opting to command their own personal property the way they see fit for themselves. How could anyone expect the Progressive agenda to be realised if the gubment had so little control over the personal freedoms of individual citizens?

A measure of freedom is the degree of power you have over your own personal property. Let’s not forget that.

No one is “entitled” to your property. You are free to earn your own.

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

– Thomas Jefferson

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