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Against Obamacare? No sex for you.

December 20, 2009

Young, clueless voters who have been indoctrinated all through their public school career are the easiest to manipulate. The impetus of sex is quite the carrot on a stick, a fact which is not lost on the “non-partisan” liberal propaganda machine known as “Rock The Vote”.

Their latest, totally kewl nugget of state approved, doubleplusgoodness:

What part of “you will all be forced, under penalty of law, to buy expensive health insurance to line the pockets of greedy health care corporations, you idiot kids” are you not getting?

How do you think the very expensive care which will supposedly be given to chronically ill, expensive to keep alive old people, will be paid for?

Your premiums will be high, since you’re young you will not use the system much, thus your wealth will be redistributed elsewhere. Forget buying a nice car or a house, you’re paying for old folks to live a few years longer, at great expense to the system.


Let’s not kid ourselves, to save money, those old folks won’t really get treatment. Do the math: $4,000 a month to keep gran alive for a few extra months, or $50 for a dirt-nap cocktail? Let’s be honest, the massive new gub’ment bureaucracy will be expensive to support, all those extra tax-fattened leeches need to be paid. The unions will see to that.

Just keep this in mind, if it’s not good enough for the weasels who are desperately pushing this through, then it’s not good enough for you.

One must wonder why that video leaves out the reality of socialist healthcare? So you feel smart by thinking the way you’re told to, that’s why. It worked during the last presidential campaign, after all.

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