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Hope 'n Change: 2010 – Alan Grayson

December 19, 2009
Image thanks to iOwnTheWorld.com

Image thanks to iOwnTheWorld.com

An outside observer of Grayson’s antics might conclude that sure, he’s kinda unhinged, but hey, at least he’s also not a very good congressman.

Florida’s 8th district has been traditionally a republican zone, and I wonder if Grayson’s wackiness might send voters back to familiar grazing lands.

Of course, the voters in district 8 who feel he truly represents them will certainly not be swayed. Some citizens might agree with Grayson, that the GOP resistance to the government takeover of 1/6th of our economy via “healthcare” is simply because republicans want old, sick people to “die quickly”. Maybe they agree that the world’s best healthcare system, the same one that brings people here from around the globe, is the American Holocaust; worse than the attacks of 9/11. Perhaps those citizens also feel that the first amendment applies only to one side of the the aisle on any issue.  As in: dishing out doesn’t mean having to take it?

Possibly, they too are a few milligrams short of an effective medical therapy regimen. Does democracy also mean that our ill-informed, somewhat deranged and easily manipulated brethren deserve like-minded representation in government? Grayson could be proof of the affirmative.

Who knows who will run against him in 2010, but the smart money is on the chance that whoever it is, will appear sane and competent by comparison. Let’s hope for some real change in 2010.

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