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Climate Reparations

December 18, 2009

Because the rich, industrialised nations became wealthy thanks to the CO2 spewing industry, they now owe reparations to the developing nations. Rich nations basically stole wealth from other nations, by greedily producing goods and services before nations like Bolivia could, thus they were robbed, and we all owe them money.

This is all believable, of course, if you buy into the idea that wealth is a finite resource… only so much to go around.

Fortunately, reality offers a different scenario. Wealth/value is created. Handing billions over to corrupt, banana republic nations, in order to ease the guilt some feel over living in nations who benefit from the vision of people who desire a better life for their families and fellow citizens, is flatly comical. However, guilt drives most actions of the liberal left wing. Logic, facts, obvious reality all take a back seat to the motivation that guilt provides, which is at best, a laughable shame, at worse, a civilisation destroying charade.

“We will establish a global governance structure to monitor and manage the implementation of this. Experts from both worlds should participate.” – U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the Copenhagen convention.

The reality is, the agenda behind the “Green Movement” is a one world government, based on the values of communism. If you thought communism died in the 1980’s, you couldn’t be more wrong.

There is nothing but faith to support the belief in AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming). The science that supposedly supported it has been exposed as being purposely manipulated to reflect a specific agenda. The real science refutes human based climate change. Whats the real purpose behind the movement?

Power. Money. Greed. Your freedom and quality of life is at stake.

The climate change hoax can be defeated, refuse to participate in furthering the charade. Of course, every day, refusal to pretend that the emperor has clothes is becoming more dangerous and is dealt with a heavy hand. When your position can only be defended by eradicating dissent, you are right to suspect you’re on the wrong track.

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